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Testimonies of Grace

“In Testimonies of Grace, Dr. Chris Brown retells powerful stories that are extraordinarily painful, yet full of God’s grace. Heartbreaking and authentic, these deeply personal testimonies of abortion, prison sentences, and abuse, will tug at your soul and pose the question, ‘Is the church doing everything we can to extend grace to the most broken and downtrodden?’ Dr. Brown's Biblical wisdom brings forth validation to pain and the reminder of God’s unconditional love, to release you from a life of shame and into a life of freedom. Readers will identify with what Jesus calls ‘the least of these’ and will cheer with the power of God’s redeeming love. Anyone who has ever felt ‘less than’ needs to read this book!”

Renee Nickell, Bestselling Author of Always My Hero: The Road to Hope & Healing Following My Brother’s Death in Afghanistan


Testimonies of Grace

“In Testimonies of Grace, you will find eight wonderful testimonies revealing the love of God. The testimonies will inspire you to write your own life-changing story. Testimonies are evidence of the miracle-working power of God which changes lives. Corrie Ten Boom often recalled her sister's words, ‘There is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still.’ You will find yourself thanking God out loud for His loving kindness and mercy. Each testimony reveals a different aspect of God's unfolding and eternal love for us.”

Ivan Tait, Founder and CEO of What Matters Ministries and Missions

Testimonies of Grace

“Such a great book. I loved Chris’ first book and really looked forward to reading his new one. I was not disappointed. As a Christian and knowing my own struggle in life, it’s always uplifting and helpful to hear/read the struggle that others have overcome in their own lives. I think a lot of times the word Christian gets a bad rap. It does not mean we are perfect, or think that we are. It’s the opposite, we know that we are broken and need help to make it through life on a daily basis. If you want to know what God’s grace and mercy looks like, read Testimonies of Grace.”

Brandi Atchison, Owner of Shades of Pemberley Bookstore and Book Reviewer for Land + Lake Magazine

Testimonies of Grace

“Testimonies of Grace is full of incredible personal stories that demonstrate God’s deep love for us and His pursuit for us even while we are not pursuing Him. Every story is filled with such honesty of how our sins draw us away from God but how we are never drawn out of reach of His forgiveness. Each chapter offers resources to extend that help and hope found in Jesus for whatever struggles you may be facing.”

Cathryn Buse, Christian apologist and founder of Defend the Faith Ministry

Testimonies of Grace

“Both hands in the air! Testimonies of Grace honors the bloody mud at the foot of the cross. Bravely told, these raw testimonies debunk the faceless, artificial sheen of modern Christianity as a world religion and rightly return focus to the face and eyes, the wild, radical love of Jesus the Christ... hope and full redemption available to ANYONE who should call upon His Name.”

Jeremy Collins, President and Founder of Three Circles Foundation

Testimonies of Grace

“Testimonies of Grace reminds us to never give up on anyone. With God, there is always hope. It is a reminder of the Good Shepherd who searches for and brings the lost sheep home. As Paul says, ‘I am the worst of them.’ We need to all remember that we are all the worst of them and not judge others. We have not walked in their shoes. Dr. Chris Brown very aptly weaves these stories of redemption with threads of God's grace, hope and salvation. These stories show the power of prayer and how we all are given opportunities to plant seeds, but only God can change hearts. These stories motivate us to strive to do a better job of listening to God's voice when He prompts us to help those who society says are beyond help because with God all things are possible! No one is beyond hope!”

Mindy van Dyke, Owner of Stepping Stones Christian Bookstores

Testimonies of Grace

“’People never change’ … at least that’s what we’ve been told. People may not change, but the power of the Holy Spirit transforms lives when we allow him to. Through compelling stories, Testimonies of Grace gives the reader access to the inside world of broken lives put back together by Jesus. Testimonies of Grace is an inspiring account of eight remarkable journeys, each one starting off in unique and different circumstances, but all leading to a restored relationship with God. Finally, reading Testimonies of Grace was also a stirring and encouraging reminder that God is still at work in my life as well!”

Hal Ward, Founder of Vino Nuevo Ministry

Testimonies of Grace

With brutal honesty and intense vulnerability, Testimonies of Grace is a beacon of hope for the lost, and a reminder that there is no soul too far gone that the Lord cannot redeem. A must-read for a healthy dose of empathy and insight into the mysterious workings of God as the lost reach rock bottom and He meets them where they are. Not only is it a message of how lives were changed, but how God--through different people and situations--was at work in their hearts long before their eyes were opened to their ultimate need for Him.

The Becca Files Christian Book Reviewer

Testimonies of Grace

Testimonies of Grace showcases Chris Brown’s ability to capture a person’s life story in such a way that Jesus gets the Glory He deserves. Readers will identify, in some part, with one or more of the participants. An added bonus is the list of scripture and book references at the end of each testimony to help the reader dig deeper into finding the help and encouragement they need.

Peggy W, owner of The Mustard Seed Christian Bookstore

Child of Grace: A Death Row Story

This is an Amazing Story of God’s Grace.

Chris Brown grew up while his father was on death row. Chris shares his thoughts of being 6 years old through young adulthood and how his relationship with his father grew. At 22 he then experienced the state of Alabama executing his father, Gary Brown on April 24, 2003.

In this story of God’s Amazing Grace, not only does his father Gary, becomes a born-again Christian while in prison, he also feels the call of God to minister to the other men on death row. His father’s message was “God’s Love, Grace and Forgiveness.” His father’s ministry affected the lives of not only prisoners, but guards, chaplains, family members, visitors and all those within the sound of his voice or pen.

God’s Grace did not stop with Gary, but Chris also got a huge dose of God’s Amazing Grace. Chris’ story is a miracle in itself. Chris’ ministry to the men in white continues what his father set out to do many years ago.

I have long been convinced that the answer is love and compassion for all of humanity. If you have love and compassion for all of humanity, you will not want to see anybody put into the death chamber and their life taken from them. It’s impossible!

Every Christian should hear Chris’ healing story. He is truly a Child of God’s Grace.

We are more than the worst thing we have ever done.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.

Bill Pelke

President, Journey of Hope…from Violence Healing

Murder Victim Family Member


Child of Grace: A Death Row Story

It was truly an honor to read this book. Dr. Chris Brown, is a Birmingham native and an UAH graduate in the aerospace and engineering fields; who has taken a very difficult life experience and turned it into more than just words on a page. It is even, more than a testimony. A beautiful example of the overwhelming, loving, grace, God extends to us in all circumstances throughout our lives.

“I wasn’t born in jail, but I came pretty close.” … “When my mom was going into labor with me in jail, nobody would have thought I would be called Dr. Brown one day.”

Chris doesn’t really remember when his dad wasn’t in jail. More importantly, when his dad wasn’t on death row. Most of us can’t even imagine what kind of life that must have been for a small child, much less to grow up like that. Despite all the circumstances that would suggest to the contrary, Chris did indeed have a relationship with his father and even a good one. We do things in life that distances us from God, but not even death row can stop Him from reaching us and extending His grace and mercy to us. Follow Chris and his dad’s story, and watch the awesomeness of God’s love in the most unlikely of places. You are never too far or done too much that God can’t reach you, wherever you are. 

Land+Lake Magazine, July/August 2019 issue

Child of Grace: A Death Row Story

Author Dr. Chris Brown tells the true story of how his father, a death row inmate, shaped his life. "Child of Grace" is a quick read that has powerful references to the Bible, focusing on the concepts of redemption and charity. Yet, it is a memory of a son who possesses a strong connection to his father despite the prison walls that divide them. This would be a good book for anyone struggling with alienation or addiction. Its uplifting message is motivation for keeping the faith each time there is a fall from grace.

Reader Views review

Child of Grace: A Death Row Story

This story will bring tears of joy to the eyes of readers. At times it will be heartbreaking, but there is something uniquely beautiful about it — the inscrutable ways of God are made evident in the story. While it tells the story of a criminal considered hardened enough to be executed, it also explores the power of the grace that strips us bare and allows the child of purity to be reborn. The writing is wonderful and filled with insights and beautiful lessons of faith. Dr. Chris Brown brings his experience of faith into the writing and inspires readers to see the loving mercy of God even in the darkest moments of their lives. Child of Grace: A Death Row Story is poignant and empowering, a real gift of faith and a testament of love beyond our imperfections.

Readers' Favorite review

Child of Grace: A Death Row Story

CHILD OF GRACE: A DEATH ROW STORY by Dr. Chris Brown is a fascinating, compelling memoir that, once started, the reader can't put down. Not only would this story be compelling if it were fiction, but the fact that it's true makes it all the more riveting... The author's heart for people, and his desire to lead his readers to Christ, is unabashedly evident inside. I believe this book will bring people to a saving knowledge of the Lord, not only because of the story's contents, but because hearts and minds will be moved as people realize their need for God if they don't already have Him in their lives. Thank you, Dr. Brown, for writing this book.

Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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